What is the Veil


with the world. The fact that it’s the future doesn’t matter. Not much has changed, but there’s still something here you can’t put your finger on, and it’s driving you mad. Everyone is connected through a technology called neurochips and it has pulled The Veil over everyone’s eyes. It is our new reality. Mixing our reality with the digital, we now traverse a new world.
p. One where the digital and physical occupy the same space and interact with us as though they were one and the same. We see and feel our future emblazoned on our minds and on our skin as it holds or caresses or destroys the humanity we have left. Our reality is a hybrid one—full of possibility. Of more, yes; but, perhaps, of less too.

When you wake. When you sleep. When you smell the air and when you taste your food. When you brush your teeth, when you strap your weapon to your hip, and, most of all, when you look into each other’s eyes; you can see it, lingering there. That feeling that the machines are out there, turning, using you for their own ends.

Here’s the good news: you’re here to change it, and that’s what makes you different. There is no way to break free of the machine without becoming a threat to it—and make no mistake, you are. Whether you’re working against the system from the inside, upholding the only social contracts that keep us from tearing each other apart, pitting corporation against corporation, breaking into crystalline, technological towers full of secrets, diving directly into the digital world to put back what was broken, or searching for the only true words left in the world, you’re trying to break free and you’ll need help to do it.


What is the Veil

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