Recidia - the city that fell from grace


Area in Square Miles: 9500 sqmi
Total Population: ~285,000,000 people
Population Density: 30,000 persons/sqmi

Recidia is a domed harbor city providing protection to its citizens, providing the ultimate sanctuary from the outside world. Recidia has its own advanced environmental system keeping its air fresh and safe for citizens (but for the best air, trust Zephyr PureAir!) . There are even dedicated systems keeping Recidia Bay clean and pure for its citizens (ocean going ships of course dock in the well known Pomegranate Port, a sophisticated hydraulic airlock, as the bay is only open to hoversail vessels and other eco-friendly craft).

The barrier between Recidia proper and the blighted lands known as Tartarus is composed of a vast wall forming a formidable defensive perimeter against dangerous outsiders such as Moreaus.


Recidia - the city that fell from grace

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