The Veil: Live Original

S1Ep1 The Taenarum Gate

In which Serai woke up in Taenarum and may have comitted the murder of a Professor …but almost certainly violated her chastity code. Clues were cut short as she fled from CHERUB-02 Paladin . Serai was assisted in her flight by the unlikely charity of Jack They took shelter in a flophouse which was being picketed by the Citizens of Ludd and were pursued in the lobby of the hotel by Captain Ivar Draconian and his Blackguard

Meanwhile, Dade Murphy AKA “Zero Cool” was attempting to help Ivy to understand how to unlock further communication from Jocasta by hoping to gain insight from the AIs housed in the digital vault of EDEN Project. While in the garden, the Architect connected with and incorporated a nascent AI Aarsh into his subconscious and as they fled the crumbling data vault, allowed the escape of WASP Scorched Earth Counter Measures

Jack called in Ivy in order to gain a shelter out of the way in the LC where Ivy met them in a crackhouse. The Paladin returned and attempted to seize Serai by force, but was stopped by Jack who stuffed a grenade into the units armor.

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