Dying Nihilist


1. Nihilism
2. Personal interest
3. Memory is important

1. Has forgotten everything about his military career
2. People hunting him have full knowledge of who he is

The Dying is a wild card. Are they going to blame people for their sickness
and take them out, or do one last good thing in the world? What do you
do with limited time in the land of the living? Try to find a cure and realize
there is none? It’s important that you know, as well as the player—there is
no cure. They. Will. Die. But maybe their character doesn’t know that? First
off, check out what they take for their gifts. Make sure they are getting
enough opportunities to use them. If it’s an interpersonal thing or not,
they’re flying a fictional flag as to what direction they want their limited
time in the game to go. Are they at peace with their fate? If the PCs aren’t
those types of players to deal with an interpersonal exchange about these
kinds of questions they want to engage with some specific moves they
have, the Dying needs an outlet to explore these things.
„„ Give them an outlet. Find out what they need. Love, a punching
bag, etc.
„„ Give them a higher purpose based on questions you ask them, their
goal, as the Dying, should be attainable, within reason.
„„ Ask them about death and their perception of it and incorporate
it into the game.
„„ If they’re being incorporated by the digital environment, make a
new threat type for that part of The Veil.
„„ Make a threat if they choose ‘circumstances’ for their disease
prognosis and then define what will make it progress.
„„ Make a threat for the disease itself if applicable, make sure it is not
in conflict with the circumstances in which it will progress if they
chose that for their options.


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